Intense Wheels Limited

Founded in 2017
by Aduduabasi E. Michael
who began by teaching individual lessons after earning his driving certification in 2014 from Emirates Driving Institute, Abu Dhabi where he was contracted to be engaged in on and off road driving for the most prestigious governmental company.


Our Mission Statement

To enlighten road users about the need to have good driving culture.


Our Vision Statement

To create a safe driving environment by giving comfort to road users with an others-centered outlook in driving.

Our Core Values

GOD Centered, Patience, Customer friendly, Team Spirit and Consistency.

About Intense Wheels Limited

At Intense Wheels Limited, we carry on the business of coaching and outsourcing of private, corporate and commercial drivers. We provide driving simulation studios to facilitate this. We are dealers in motor driving and handling materials, accessories and equipment. We also provide driver training kits, install and upgrade driving facilities. We provide mobile first responder driving simulator system packages for better driving.

Our team of instructors are friendly and we provide a personalized service for each trainee, during the practical courses. We are strong advocates of quality driving education at every point. We provide refresher driving classes and both on the road and in a class room setting.

Our main goal is to show people the value of getting the right education before getting behind any wheel, hence reducing road fatalities. IWL provides Driver License Acquisition training courses using its fleet in different vehicle categories like Light Motor Vehicle (Car), Trucks. The driving tuition standards are set internationally and the driving tuition methods are updated continuously to make use of the latest driving techniques.

Intense Wheels Limited offers Post License Training Courses like Defensive Driving, Desert Driving, Expat orientation and Refresher Courses to delegates with valid Nigerian License and have plans of travelling to secure driving positions in the Middle East and anywhere in the world.

Intense Wheels Limited (IWL) Driving Instructors and Technical Training Staff are trained and certified in accordance with the driving syllabus administered by the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI), UAE.

Emirates Driving Institute received the ‘Best Driving School-2012’ award from RTA in March, 2013. In 2016 EDI was awarded 'Best Service Provider' by RTA in Tastahel Awards. EDI became OHSAS 18001:1999 certified in the year 2006 and it is the first driving school in the world to get the ISO accreditation since 1997. In the year 2002 EDI won the Dubai Quality Award (DQA) in the Professional Services Sector which was presented by H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and the UAE Minister of Defense.

Intense Wheels Limited in future, plans for the ground breaking initiative of the first Disabled Driver Training Programme in Akwa Ibom for people who are unable to drive using foot pedals.

At Intense Wheels Limited we believe that in the pursuit of quality and excellence there is no finishing line.

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